Living The


In order to find motivation to live the True Grit Life, you must first identify the areas in your life in which you lack the mental confidence necessary to succeed. Here you’ll find the tools to not only face daily obstacles, but to become their master, and destroy their opportunity to ever sit on the throne of your existence again. Promote yourself from a lowly grasshopper, to Master Beast.

Train Your Mind

Learn how to stomp out cliché negative thoughts that determine how you look at the world and live your life. By training your mind to think a certain way, you will notice that your life will take the positive path of your thoughts.

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The Rookie & The Vet

Learn how to introduce yourself to a new team or a new organization and how to act when a new person is introduced to the organization you have been a part of for many years. The way you react in these situations can really effect the team dynamic for time to come.

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Tell Your Athlete’s “It’s Okay To Fail”

Failure is an inevitable part of not only sports, but life. If your players are crippled by fear of failing, you will stunt the growth of your team. Learn how to positively encourage your players to fail, recognize what went wrong, and to strengthen their weaknesses from this important realization.

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“I Don’t Have Enough Time”

Are you constantly using the excuse, “I don’t have enough time,” as a reason for not getting the things that you want? Tom has been able to accomplish all of the things he has wanted to do in his lifetime, while balancing his family and busy schedule of being a professional hockey player/ entrepreneur. Learn how.

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