The Rookie & The Vet

by: Tom Laidlaw

The Rookie & The Vet

Episode 12

Pass It On
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When new people are introduced to an organization, there are two different sides of reaction that are going to take place. One from the new addition to the team, and one from the person who has been with that team or business for several years. The way each person reacts to this new addition can truly effect the dynamic of the workspace.

How you react as either individual will impact your reputation to the others around you. As an individual entering an organization, you want to show that you were hired for a reason and have something to bring to that team. At the same time, you want to respect the people that are veterans there and understand that you have something to learn from them as well.

As a veteran in a company, don’t feel threatened when new individuals enter your workspace. Instead of flexing your seniority to intimidate newcomers and establish your territory, be sure to welcome them with what you know. Be open and adaptive to the change and understand that someone brought this person in for a reason, and they deserve to be treated with respect.

For my own life example of this concept and a deeper explanation, be sure to listen to my True Grit Life Podcast Episode 12 featured here!

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