All right you grasshoppers. Registration is now open for the True Grit Life Ruck Challenge brought to you by Elevate Nutrition and  The Warrior For Life Fund.

This will be a 6 mile ruck. The weight of your rucksack will be adjusted based on your conditioning level. We will be joined by a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a retired Navy SEAL. You will have the option of a three week online mental and physical conditioning program prior to the ruck or you can choose to just participate in the ruck.

We will also have a two week follow up program.

The ruck will be held in Connecticut so if people are unable to attend in person we will be going live on social media.

It is never enough. You should never say I gave a good enough effort. You should never say I am in good enough shape. You should never say my career is good enough. Always push yourself to the next level.

-Tom Laidlaw