Train Your Mind

by: Tom Laidlaw

Train Your Mind

How are you feeling today? Yep, I just asked that normal, small talk question. Is it Monday and you’re dragging? Is it Wednesday and you’re mind is in that getting over the hump mode? How about that TGIF feeling?

Constantly our bodies and ultimately our lives become a victim to the way our mind has become negatively trained. Now this could be a factor of our upbringing, the media, and other external influences that have molded our brains to think a certain way.

We get told over and over that things are supposed to be a certain way and we’re supposed to feel a certain way. You’re not supposed to like Monday mornings, Wednesday is hump day, and thank God its Friday.

We train our body’s to be stronger. The more you go to the gym, for instance, the more you enjoy going and the more it becomes part of your life. Your body feels good from it and gets stronger. The same we train our bodies positively, we need to train our mind.

Training Your Mind Daily

If we constantly tell ourselves, for example, “I love Mondays,” we can genuinely start loving Mondays. And this isn’t about forcing it. It’s not about forcing ourselves to love it. It’s about training your mind to positively think that Monday is a chance to start a new week off on the right foot, tackle a new goal, start fresh, and another chance to celebrate that you are alive another day. By taking this positive outlook, you will excel passed the people who continue to accept Monday mediocrity. You will have the upper hand on the week because your mind is positively trained so much that you don’t even understand why people don’t like Monday anymore.

Training Your Mind for Healthy Living

Now this concept doesn’t just go for days of the week. Constantly people complain about going on a diet. People train their minds to think that dieting is restricting me from eating the food I want just so I can look skinny. This will never work, and will cause you to have the mental battle of whether it is worth it.

The correct way to train your mind in terms of diet, is to mentally ask yourself, “how will this food fuel my mind and body to conquer the day? How will it make me feel after I eat it?” If the answer is, this food will make me feel like crap and provides no fuel for my day, you will be more likely to decline eating it. If the answer is, this food will give me enough energy to feel good, study harder, work harder, keep up with my kids, or do whatever it is you need to do that day, then you will be more successful with your diet.

Then the more you eat healthy, the less your mind will crave unhealthy foods. You’ll find that your lifestyle is going to completely change and that your taste buds will actually start rejecting the foods that are bad for you.

Training Your Mind for Work

I understand that not everyone has a job they love doing and that there’s times where you just need to pay the bills, and that’s just the way life may lead you at some point. Hopefully at some point you will be able to find something you are passionate about and get to work every day doing that. In the meantime, while you are working in a job that you feel like you are just working to work, train your mind to enjoy it. Your mind should constantly think, “What am I learning from all of this? How will this help me in the future?”

By training that mindset, you will come to find that you are growing because you are learning some sort of skill in every position you take. Find something about that mundane job that you can find knowledge and growth in, and appreciate it. You will find that going to work will not be such a chore anymore.

The way you train your mind can have an effect on each area of life. How your mind is trained will determine if you are successful in certain life categories whether it be your work, health, relationships, school, etc. That is why you need to carefully think in a driven and positive way pertaining to each area where you feel you need to improve upon. By constantly thinking a certain way, you will notice that the course of your life will start to drift into that path of thought and either improve or worsen based on your trained mindset.

Train your mind for success. Train your mind to improve your life.

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