A Letter From Tom

Alright Grasshoppers,

You made it to my website and are probably now wondering: who is this absolute beast and why does he seem to have life all figured out? So let me tell you a little bit about myself friends.

I played in the National Hockey League for 11 seasons. Seven with the New York Rangers and four with the Los Angeles Kings. When I retired from playing I became a player agent. I worked for IMG for 5 years and ran my own business, Laidlaw Sports Management, for 17 years. 

My passion now is motivating others. All my life I have lead the True Grit Life without really understanding how much I could help others.

I grew up on a humble dairy farm outside of Toronto. Only now do I realize how lucky I was to be shaped mentally and physically by two great men, my father and my grandfather. My grandfather had only two things in his life: the farm and his wife. My grandfather worked on the farm alongside my father and took care of my grandmother who was in a wheelchair due to arthritis. He was totally devoted and dedicated to her. When she finally passed away, he suffered a stroke only a few short months later and eventually passed away himself. His reason for living was gone when she passed. Until now, I hadn’t realized how much being around his total selflessness shaped me into who I am.

My father was the same way in terms of total devotion and dedication. Both my father and grandfather prided themselves on being able to outwork anyone. They ran the farm by themselves and milked the cows twice a day, every day, 365 days a year. The farm equipment was immaculately maintained. Everything was done the right way, every time. 

I now continue living my version of the True Grit Life. I get up every morning at 3:30 AM. My bed is made perfectly before I leave the room every day. At 4AM I am out the door on my morning March. At 4:30AM I am back in preparing to go to the gym.

Fitness, motivation, discipline, dedication, passion and integrity are not just words I read about, but words I live my life by. If I am going to do it, I am going to do it all out. I get the most out of every day, I get the most out of every step on my March, I get the most out of every rep at the gym, and I give the people in my life a full version of myself every day. The people I love, I love with a passion and I let them know it every day.

This is the True Grit Life and it is glorious. 

Let’s make it a great day,



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