How to FINALLY Stick to Fitness

by: Tom Laidlaw

How to FINALLY Stick to Fitness

Too often people struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They start, then stop, then start, then stop, and there is just a vicious cycle of weight fluctuation and energy levels. So I’m just going to cut to the chase. No matter how much you tell yourself it is, it is NOT difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The truth is you MAKE it difficult for yourself by not taking the proper steps to consistently live healthy.
I know, I know, that’s not what you wanted to hear at all. You didn’t want to hear that your favorite excuse that “It’s too hard” is an absolute myth. The good news is, it IS a myth. And I can tell you just how easy it can be. First, I’m going to tell you why you make it harder for yourself. You may feel like you’ve tried everything. Every fad diet, every workout, and every pill. You may have even been successful in achieving the consistency of these options, but haven’t seen the results you’ve wanted. The problem is, these diets, workouts, and pills are all commercially advertised to sell their product to everyone looking to transform their body. What they don’t cover is the fact that everyone has a unique genetic makeup and each body will respond differently to whatever fad they are selling. Meaning, what works for one person may not work for you. It also means that continuously partaking in one plan consistently, will ultimately lead to a plateau in results, and change will eventually cease.

The following will ensure that you will FINALLY find a regimen that works for your UNIQUE body, and that you will finally maintain this regimen.

1. Generate a Consistent Workout Schedule That Works for You

I wake up every day at 3:30AM and am out the door at 4:00AM for my March. I make sure I am at the gym at 5:00AM when the doors open. Every day. Now I understand that not everyone is a morning person and that some people prefer to work out later in the day. What is so effective about my regimen is not how early I wake up, but that it has become a part of my daily schedule. Just like brushing my teeth or taking a shower, this has become a part of my daily routine so much so that my day feels incomplete without it.

Find a time throughout the week that you can consistently work out at that time. By doing this you will see that it will gradually become a part of your schedule and be engrained into your daily life.

2. Confuse Your Body with Different Types of Workouts and by Targeting Different Muscle Groups

To really see results you can’t rely on one kind of work out every time. For instance, you shouldn’t be doing the same exact weight movements or consistent treadmill run each time. For instance, say you are taking only spin classes each time you work out. Sure, you may see initial results, but eventually your body will become accustomed and will not experience any further changes. The best thing you can do to maintain your healthy lifestyle, is that through your consistent workout schedule, you partake in inconsistent workout movements.

3. Limit Your Excuses

I would say to completely terminate your excuses, but there is one valid excuse. That is if you are genuinely sick and your body requires rest rather than stress. Other than that, NO EXCUSE IS VALID. That’s right, no excuse is valid for not maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Remember, Grasshoppers, I am 60 years old and I am at the PEAK of my physical fitness. That’s right, the PEAK of my physical fitness. Age is NOT an excuse, I do not have enough time is NOT an excuse, and it’s too hard is NOT an excuse.

4. Train Your Mind to Embrace the Healthy Life Style
View my post on training your mind to understand how to positively impact results by simply engraining thoughts that will result in success.

By following these four steps you will see that significant change is simple and that maintaining your fitness regimen will become easy as it becomes a part of your routine. The results will be clear when you continue to confuse your body with different workouts and healthy foods. Realize your excuses are invalid because so many others are able to push past those excuses and obtain results. Finally, your mind will give up far before your body will. Be sure to train your mind to be stronger and to not give up on fitness, but to train it as part of your life routine.

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