“I Don’t Have Enough Time”

by: Tom Laidlaw

“I Don’t Have Enough Time”

“I don’t have enough time in the day.” This is something I constantly hear from people while on my journey to inspire others to live the True Grit Life. This excuse is constantly used over and over and over again by so many. Whether it be to accomplish goals, finish a daily task, self care, hours of sleep, reading a book, or doing something they’ve always wanted to do, people are continuously excusing not doing these things as a subject of “not enough time.”


This excuse MUST stop.

In your life, in the lives of your family, in the lives of your friends, and in the lives of your coworkers. Whenever people say to me, “Well Tom, I don’t have enough time.” I just chuckle and say “Yes you do.” When they give me offended looks or utter words I’m not going to repeat in this post, I respond with, “Just wake up earlier.”


I know what you’re thinking. Well, Tom that’s easy for you to say… Why can’t it be easy for you to say as well? I wake up early every day because I want to do more things with my life. I don’t want to make the excuse that I don’t have enough time. Now, I’m not trying to say this all like I’m better than you in any way shape or form. This is encouragement that, yes, if you want to do something you CAN. You DO have enough time. You just need to make up in your mind that you are going to do it, and you can make the adjustments in your life to provide yourself with the time.


This may not even mean that you have to wake up earlier. Life in the 21st century is littered with time wasters. This includes social media, television, overthinking, disorganization, and even things like mindless snacking. Cut back on the time wasters in life. Even go so far as scheduling your day down to the minutes, including how long you have to spend on your social media accounts, or updating yourself on the news, or even time to think! Organize yourself in terms of the meals you’re going to eat, conversations you need to have, and tasks that must be completed. Then of course, schedule your play time. The things you want to do. By doing this you’ll get rid of the excuse, “I don’t have enough time,” and finally do and learn all of those things you were excusing before.


I’m glad I’ve been able to live the life I lived because when people doubt whether they can do it, or do they have enough time in the day, I can show them, not just by talking about it, but through my life that they can do it. I get up earlier, I don’t watch TV before bed, and challenge yourself to do it. By implementing this mentality, I was able to play for the NHL, I was able to become a player agent, I was able to become an entrepreneur, I was able to raise my two sons, I’m able to stay in shape at 60 years old, and I am able to do the things I want in between all the things I have to do. To put this into perspective, I’m just a farm boy from Canada with very little skill.


By cutting out the concept of not enough time you’ll notice that you’ll also cut out the times you are saying “I wish I could do that.” Watching other people accomplish the things you want to do or have time to do the things they want to do can become discouraging. Understand that this is only happening because you are limiting yourself with the provincial concept of not enough time. Wake up earlier, schedule yourself, and purge yourself of time wasters.


You will see just how much beautiful and precious time we all have in this glorious life of ours.

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